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Jenn Tanaka  |  writer  |  cook  |  traveler  | seeker of good times

In her heart, Jenn Tanaka is a true southern Californian.

Growing up in Los Angeles gave Jenn a unique perspective. With access to stellar food, Hollywood entertainment, world-class sports teams, the scenic outdoors, and all the wonderful experiences that the city offers, Jenn cultivated a palate for the outstanding.

She studied under Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Barry Siegel and was among the first to graduate from UC Irvine's School of Literary Journalism. Before graduation, an elite publication recruited Jenn. She rapidly rose up in the ranks and was named associate editor in less than a year.

Jenn went on to work with Gail Simmons at Food & Wine magazine in Manhattan. Then, she delved deeper into the culinary world at The New Yorker magazine. Her curiousity for the kitchen led her to study at New York's Institute of Culinary Education. Jenn graduated at the top of her class and went on to work in a number of high-end restaurants. Dovetail, a restaurant by chef John Fraser (a mentée of Thomas Keller), earned a Michelin star while Jenn cooked there.

When Gilt Groupe decided to launch an epicurean lifestyle site called Gilt Taste, Jenn collaborated with Ruth Reichl, Francis Lam, and other NY culinary professionals to produce the innovative interface. Soon after, a chocolatier invited Jenn back to California. She dabbled in a secret Beverly Hills test kitchen as a R&D cook and developed several flavors for the brand.

Jenn currently resides in Orange County with her family. She is now Coast magazine's Managing Editor and continues to write about food, cocktails, fashion, and travel.